Python Training in Bangalore

Python Training in Bangalore

Python Training in Bangalore at HSR,BTM&Koramangala:

Akshara Software Technologies is one of the best software training institutes providing Python Training in Bangalore at HSR Layout, BTM Layout, and Koramangala with most experienced professionals. All trainers working in Python and related technologies for more than 11+ years in MNC. We are offering best Python Classes in Bangalore in  more practical way.We are offering Python with selenium automation and Python with Django classes in HSR Layout,Bangalore and conducting Python Classroom training in Bangalore, Python Online Training with Zoom Meeting and Python Corporate Training  in HSR Layout,BTM Layout,Bangalore.

Our syllabus to match with the real IT world from both beginner to advanced level.We conduct Python training in HSR Layout class room and people across globe will join online & conducting in week day ,week end batches both morning and evening batches based on participant’s requirement. We offer course Fee in Bangalore is more competitive and values for what we are covering.We do only Python Real Time Classes in HSR Layout,Bangalore , Python Live Classes , Python Real Time Scenarios& Python Live Projects in Bangalore & Python Training in BTM Layout.

Python Training in Bangalore at HSR Layout,BTM Layout & Koramangala:
Python Course Details:
  • Duration : 75-80 Hours (Python – 50 Hours & Automation or Django – 25 Hours )
  • Demo and First 3 classes free
  • Real Time training with  hands on Project(Automation or Django)
  • Assignment and Case Studies
  • Week Day&Week End Batches
Python Training in Bangalore – Python Syllabus (50 Hours)
Introduction to Python:
  • Where will you use it? (Details)
  • What is it good for and not ?
  • Comparisons with other interpreter languages
  • Basic Data types in Python
  • Int, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Set
  • Built-in functions for each of the data type
  • Data Structures in details – iterations/slicing/indexing etc
  • Interacting with keyboard
  • Exercises
Operators and Control Structures:
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Range
  • Loops
  • Loop Controls
  • Handling command line arguments
Regular Expressions
  • Searching data in data types/strings
  • Learn meta-characters
  • Character classes & character shortcuts
  • Quantifiers
  • Modifiers
  • Look ahead/Behind Expressions
  • Compiled expressions & usage
  • Global search
  • Memory parenthesis/grouping
  • Match operation
  • Search and replace
File Handling
  • File I/O
  • Reading and Writing files
  • Methods of File Objects
  • Fancier Output Formatting
  • Handling huge files with seek
  • Error handling in files operations
  • Directory handling
  • Recursive directory reading
  • Functional Programming
  • Functions with args/no args & return/no return
  • Lambda expressions
  • list comprehensions
  • generator comprehensions etc
  • Map, Filter and reduce
  • Various types of parameters
  • Various types of arguments
  • Keyword arguments
  • Default arguments
Complex Data Structures
  • Handling multi dimension data
  • Creating List of List
  • List Of Dicts
  • Dict of lists
  • Dict of Dicts
  • Multi level examples
  • Some in-built modules
  • os,sys
  • Packages and Modules (Details)
  • Writing packages & modules
  • Built in modules os, system
  • Creating and Importing modules and packages
  • Reloading modules
  • Namespaces
  • Executing modules as scripts
  • Documentation
  • Using imports
  • Iteration modules
  • Class Definition Syntax
  • Class and Instance Variables
  • Overloading
  • Overriding
  • Multiple Inheritance
  • MRO
  • Understanding Super
  • Super with multi level inheritance
  • Closures
  • global and local
  • returning function from functions
  • closures
  • Decorators
MySQL Data Base
  • DB Interface
  • Database Connectivity
  • SQL Basics
  • Database module
  • Reading and writing from databases
  • Error handling
Exception Handling
  • Errors
  • Except
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Raising Exceptions
  • How To Raise Exceptions
  • Assertion & Writing Custom Exception
Real-Time Libraries: (How to work in real time)
  • Excel Data parsing and writing using xlrd and xlwt (Assignment on win32 api)
  • XML Processing
  • Web scraping using Beautiful Soup
  • Argparse – switch parser module
  • Logging – Logger module
  • Multi-threading for running parallel jobs ()
  • Serialization library
Real-time assignments:
  • Creating telecom operators incoming/outgoing call reports in excel
  • Finding duplicate files under a multilevel folder
  • Find Cheapest restaurant in a city from a data set provided
  • Merging excel files
  • Converting Excel file to csv files
  • Inserting data from csv/excel to MySQL database
  • Plot a pie chart to analyse profit from every country for a ecommerce company from a huge data set available in MySQL Database
  • Extract telecom data from data set provided, calculate operator-wise incoming and outgoing call report
 Python Frame Works:
  • Automation(Selenium) OR Django
Python Real Time Project – On Data Mining:

Front-End: tkinter

Back-End : Python-MySQL

  • Description: Develop a gui for selecting 2 date ranges, country, shipment status to generate a report of customer from a mysql database
  • Database will be shared with all for practice


Python Automation Training in Bangalore – Selenium Syllabus (Duration-20 Hours)
Back-End Automation:
  • Sending emails
  • HTML email
  • Sending email with attachment with a schedule
  • Read all emails
  • Searching email
  • Reading body of email
  • Download all attachments
  • Interacting with multiple servers
  • Triggering scripts/commands on server and fetching results
  • Copy files from server to local and vice versa
Front-End Automation:
1. Selenium:
  • HTML Basics
  • Learning XPATH
  •  => Absolute XPATH
    => Relative XPATH
    => text() function
  • contains
  • dynamic xpath
  • Locating HTML elements using multiple ways
  • Element checkpoints
  • Different ways of locating elements
  • Login/Automation automation, clicking elements like chec
  • Selenium Webdriver APIs
  • Selenium IDE
  • Find Element by ID, XPATH, LINK, PARTIAL LINK, CSS, NAME etc
  • Browser actions
  • Working with dropdowns
  • Time Synchronization
  • Javascript popup, confirmation prompt alerts
  • Calendar, tool-tip alerts
  • Handle upload/downloads
  • Headless browser
  • Deal with multiple windows
  • Handle Frames
  • Action chains mouse, keys, drag and drop
  • Scrolling pages horizontal/vertical
  • Screenshot
  • Excel file handling
  • Cookie handling in selenium
  • Rest API handling using python GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
  • Page Object Model Developmen
2. PyTest Framework:
  • Use of pytest framework to automate the test cases
  • Configuring search path of test cases
  • PyTest fixtures for modularization
  • PyTest for Testers and Developers


Python Web Development Training in Bangalore – Django Syllabus (Duration – 20 Hours)
  • Basics of HTML and forms
  • Bootstrap
  • Grid System
  • Horizontal and Vertical Forms
  • Django Installation
  • Creating Project and Applications
  • Different Components of Django
  • Django Architecture
  • Django Workflow
  • Understanding urls
  • Write views for application
  • Redirection from view
  • Django Forms with GET and POST
  • Templates and forms in Template
  • Populate data using Templates
  • Advanced templates
  • HTTP Response and redirect
  • Creating Models for application
  • Model based forms
  • Learn about cookies and sessions
  • Writing login, logout, signup views
  • Create User and admin page overview
  • Develop Pagination
  • Develop a website and learn CRUD Operation
  • ORM
  • Django with MySQL database
  • Integrate front end theme with Django
  • Sendmail page development
  • Multilevel table implementation (one to many)
  • Handling of Image and File uploads
  • Faker module to generate real-time data
  • Django Project Deployment
  • Hands on project
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